Have your (Christmas) cake and eat it too, with these calorie torching, body sculpting moves from Xtend Barre


Xtend Barre’s teacher trainer Elisha Elliot tells us how to burn calories and sculpt our body during this festive period. Greta Wright demonstrates exactly how it’s done:

1. 1st to 2nd Cardio

Muscle focus: quads, adductors, gluts, hamstrings, core

Start with both feet and arms in 1st position. Step out to a wide second position with both arms and legs and then step back to first: x 8 with the right leg, x 8 with the left and x 8-16 alternating sides. Ensure the body stays upright and knees track over toes. To advance this and add an extra cardio component, jump from 1st to 2nd. Ensure the landing is soft and quiet, articulating through the foot and landing with bent knees. 

Muscle focus: quads, adductors, gluts, hamstrings, core 1st to 2nd Cardio

2. Advanced Curtie to Passe 

Muscle focus: quads, glutes, hamstrings, core

Starting with feet in first position, step left foot behind the right, hinging the torso forward and reaching arms diagonally; left arm reaching down and right arm up. As you stand up, extend the right leg straight and bring the left leg to passe (left foot to right knee) and bring left arm to high 5th. Ensure the body is tall and balanced, and the standing leg strong. x8-16 each leg

 Advanced Curtie to Passe

3. Push Ups

Muscle focus; chest, shoulders, triceps, core

Starting in a half plank position, hands just wider than shoulders, body in one line from head to knee. Allow the elbows to bend and bring the entire shape down towards the floor, then press back to start. Keep the eye gaze forward and the core strong to avoid the spine bending. For an extra challenge, add some pulses and a hold at the bottom of the push up. x8-16 reps 

Muscle focus; chest, shoulders, triceps, core Push Ups

4.Pivot Lunge

Muscle focus; quads, gluts, hamstrings 

Start legs in parallel 4th and outside arm in 2nd. Begin by lunging straight down, keeping pelvis and spine upright. Then, allow the front heel to lift as you pivot and turn to the barre, extending both legs and lifting outside arm to high 5th. Repeat 8-16 reps on one side before pivoting to the other. For further challenge, keep the front heel lifted in the lunge, challenging ankle strength and stability or add pulses at the bottom to further sculpt the legs. 

Muscle focus; quads, gluts, hamstrings  Advanced Curtie to Passe

5. Fold Over 

Muscle focus; gluts, hamstrings, core

Fold torso over to so it’s level with the floor, resting hands on barre and setting supporting foot below hip. Keeping the spine and pelvis still, lift gesture leg to hip height, and then control it back to the floor. x16 -32 reps. To further challenge, lift supporting heel into releve. To further sculpt gluts, add pulses of the gesture leg

 Fold Over

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Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


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